Events Lore Tirna Smarag

Death Throes of Tirna Smarag Part 2

(Hopefully) Held 13/14th November, 2021 at Common Ground Games, Stirling


The bridge was an almost overwhelming riot of sensations. The harsh chemical tang of fire suppressants hung heavily in the air, warning lights flashed while warning klaxons blared and sparks cascaded from damaged consoles mirroring the slashes of inter-ship ordnance in the dark void outside. An insistent automated voice intoned a warning to abandon ship. Captain Re’ve grimaced. The Indomitable Host was dying, there was no point in heading for the salvation pods now. In a voidwar of this scale the destruction of  smaller vessels such as his was almost inevitable.. Even if one did escape – where would one go? The ship was barely making headway now, the last broadside from the Imperial Fists had mauled her badly, but Re’ve was almost certain that they were almost close enough to the system Mandeville point that there was a chance at successfully translating into the immaterium but there was no indication of the status of the ships’ Gellar fields.

Fai’clan and Korre’gin had been a rout. The promises that the Warmaster made of an easy victory after the events on Beatha’sa had come to naught and with the ship dying around him, the orders to regroup at Bondool and Avych seemed impossible now. But where else is there to go? For a moment, Re’ve thinks of surrender, of saying it was all a mistake and that he was just following orders. They might take pity on him and execute him on the spot. But they too might just follow orders…

“Orders. I do still have orders” Re’ve murmurs. It takes a conscious effort but this is what enables him to focus. That training was a lesson that Admiral Urgen had drilled into him over and over. The old witch had pushed Re’ve hard, beaten him at times but what he wouldn’t have given for her advice now. It was a pity she was in command of the Libertatum and almost certainly one of the vessels firing upon us out there. Re’ve finds himself wondering what had brought him and his ship to this point.

Long before he had thrown in his lot with the Warmaster, Re’ve had been sought out by Khun’Tai Bohs of the Word Bearers Legion. There had been promises of great things to come. At first he had ignored the overtures of the Legionary, thinking them odd but eventually Khun’Tai Bohs arrived in person to press the point. It had been late and Re’ve had been alone in his quarters when an acticnic flare of blue-white light heralded the appearance of an Astartes warrior clad in robes. The light had burned so brightly it had left permanent stains in the deck and walls of his cabin that Re’ve had had to hide behind furniture. The Word Bearer explained that he had taken a great risk by coming aboard an Imperial vessel using these means but there was great need of assurance that he had safety and assistance. Re’ve had reached for the intercom to call armsmen to deal with the intruder but had hesitated. The Astartes had asked for help and he felt compelled to aid him. His hand had fallen away from the intercom, the call for the armsmen remaining unsent, though his memory of events beyond that point remained hazy and uncertain to this day. 

Now with his world crashing around him Captain Re’ve Chibal, of the Crimson Blade fleet began to suspect he had been played for a fool. Was he truly just a pawn in a bigger game? Is this really all the part he will play?

A rasping laugh followed by a cough broke his reverie. Was that in his head? “Who’s there?” He turns in all directions looking for the source of the sound. Half of the bridge crew are dead, or dying while the other half fight desperately to keep the ship alive. He was certain the laugh could not have come from any of them.

“Do you really surrender to regret so easily, Captain Chibal? I had expected so much more of one such as you”

“I have no time for cowards who lurk in the shadows and even less for mind games.” Re’ve barks irritably. He closes his eyes and rubs his temple with both of his hands.

“Come now. Is that any way to speak to one who would be your ally? The straits are dire, but your ship, your crew can still make it out of here you know.”

“Is that so? State your terms. Make it quick as I have calculations to make”, Re’ve’s fingers are flying across the console built into the arm of his command throne now, but his eyes still roam the bridge, trying to locate the source of the voice, though nothing lurked in the shadows that he could see.

“You are to muster at Bondool – are you not?” – says the voice sounding amused.

“If you would give me peace then we would be making our way there” – Re’ve can’t hide his distrust. He turns to the emotionless, empty husk of a servitor next to him – “Ready warp engines, prepare for translation”

A monotone voice replies from within this being that used to be a human female “Compliance”. A moment later the servitor speaks again, “ Warning. Immaterium engines at 45%. The vessel has a less than 50% chance of making it to the chosen destination”

Impacts ring throughout the ship as a trio of Thunderhawk Gunships in the livery of the Blood Angels Legion flash past the bridge’s main view port chasing a flight of Fury pattern interceptors.

Somehow closer, almost an intimate whisper now, the rasping voice continues “There is little time. Do you wish my help or not?”

“What will it cost us?”

“It will cost you everything and nothing. I want your servitude. Engage the immaterium drives, do not activate your gellar field. We should meet face to face”

“To do so is madness! I was told…” Re’ve begins to shout before the voice cuts him off. It sounds hurt. Angry almost.

“TOLD! By who? By your precious Nola Urgen? By schools teaching lies of a treacherous beast? You have less than 10 seconds to choose, this ship is on borrowed time, as are you!”

Despite himself, Re’ve panics and involuntarily keys the commands into the command throne console. The Indomitable Host lurches as reality distorts around it and it is pitched into the immaterium. Re’ve tries in these moments to make sense of what has happened. Is this yet another trick? Why did the failsafes not prevent him from issuing the command to translate while the Gellar field was unraised, but most of all – had he really issued that order at all?


Vast distances separated the two ships but canny maneuvering and swift calculations had found the optimum firing position. It was a shame to kill a former pupil, especially one who had shown such promise but Fleet Admiral Urgen has never let compassion cloud her duty before, and she was not about to start now. The countless deaths under her command were for the greater Imperial progress.

“Fire an Independence spread”

The firing solutions of the torpedoes coalesced upon the main auspex screen of the Libertatum. They were calculated to disable the engines of the Indomitable Host, either destroying her entirely or leaving her completely open to boarding actions as she was unable to flee.

Urgen watched as the torpedos streak across space, seeing instantly that she has calculated correctly. The Indomitable Host disappears from the auspex and Fleet Admiral Urgen turns her attention to other skirmishes satisfied her job is done.


Aboard the Indomitable Host, the surviving crew begin to succumb to possession. One by one, the horrors of the immaterium have consumed them, leaving only one with their sanity intact.

Fingertips clutching tightly to the arms his command throne, Captain Chibal has no choice but to take in every vision that the immaterium reveals to him.

The bargain struck, his life spared, he was now on his way to meet the new master he had pledged himself to. He could see him it now, a vast being that filled the viewports, his hands moving in patterns Chibal didn’t understand around the planets of Bondool and Avych.

In momentary flickers of realspace the monster is revealed to exist only in the immaterium but as the journey nears completion Re’ve begins to suspect that this would not remain the case for long.

Army Focus

Army Focus – Legio Cybernetica Shumshere

As part of a launch feature of the blog we’re going to showcase and discuss armies that have been part of the Heresy.Scot lore and speak to the creators of these armies. First up is James Turner – with his Legio Cybernetica so over to you James, tell us a bit about your army.

Hello, I’ve had this army for 2 years and I’m happy to say it’s more or less finished – other than perhaps adding another Domitar, I don’t think there’s anything else I really want to incorporate at the moment. I do plan to revisit their bases at some point though and add some grass tufts so they’re a bit less monotone.

The army came from a couple of  ideas really – firstly, I’ve loved the Mechanicum models from Forge World since first sight, I still remember the previews for the Thallax in early 2013 and snapping up a set of Thallax and some Castellax as soon as they were available.

In the end, I think I had most of the range painted up in a 3,000 points or so army, but I’d never really felt I did the models justice so in 2019, I sold most of the army off. The models were just so cool though, and I ended up buying a pack of Thallax ‘to paint’ and it kind of grew from there. This time around though, rather than a ‘collect everything’ approach, I decided to stick pretty closely to a narrative theme for the army – a Legio Cybernetica Magos deciding that the Horus Heresy allowed her freedom from the Crimson Accords of Mars and the Treaty of Olympus, though rather than side fully with the Traitors, she simply threw off the shackles of the Imperium, deciding to forge her own path.

When planning the army I knew that I wanted to paint some units I’d not painted before such as the Domitar, Vulturax and Ursarax and I also wanted to ensure I painted everything to a much higher quality than the ‘Mechanicum 1.0’ army. 

As I added units, I was careful to echo the brass and black scheme I’d developed as well as adding wee details like identifying markings to each unit, each of the Battle-Automata has a serial number for example. I also developed a colour scheme for the Tarantula platforms to suggest that they had been ‘looted’ from Imperial stockpiles and pressed into service by Enheduana, who will use just about anything if it suits her aims.

This army has been to the Heresy.Scot ‘Clearances of Druimm’ event in November 2018 where they masqueraded as loyalists so that Enheduana could infiltrate the orbital platform An Suil Urramach and obtain some technoarcana located aboard the station. That they helped defend the station against the Traitors invading the system was merely a coincidence.

I was also able to take the army to ‘Flashpoint Cortona- The Iron Crucible’ in June 2019 as well as the Heresy.Scot Call to Arms finale in February 2020 and hopefully I’ll be able to take it along to some more events in future. Without a doubt, my best moment was finding out at the end of the Clearances of Druimm event that I had won ‘Best Sportsman’ award with the army and I think my worst was watching ‘The Praetorian’ I had kitbashed just before the event being vaporised by a Sons of Horus Orbital Bombardment at the very start of the very first game of Flashpoint Cortona – the very epitome of a freshly painted model being killed in its’ first game. I can look back and laugh at that now, but at the time, it was pretty gutting I can tell you! 

I’ve really liked having an unknown sector of the galaxy to explore because it creates a sandbox with the freedom for almost anything to happen both gaming and fluff-wise – every Legion and faction has a reason to be there as the Horus Heresy is in ‘full swing’ whether it’s for galactic conquest or merely retribution against a hated foe. 

HQ Focus

So this is my HQ Enheduana Badhur Shumshere and her Cyber-Familiar. Where some Arch-Magos utilise servo-skulls or miniature automata in this role, an unfortunate subordinate that earned Enheduana’s ire  The idea for her sprang from wanting an HQ I hadn’t painted already and something that was only just recognisable as being human – she has extensively cybernetically enhanced herself, as she feels that the cold logic of the machine is far more preferable to warm, squishy humanity and their feelings. Enheduana definitely doesn’t care for the Emperor, and the restrictions he placed upon the Mechanicum but she also doesn’t care much about Horus’ lust for power either , she just wants to improve her own lot and carry out previously forbidden experiments into the fusion of man and machine. 

Events Lore Tirna Smarag

The Death Throes of Tirna Smarag

Held 30th November, 1st December 2019 in Common Ground Games, Stirling

This heralded the start of a new sector – The Tirna Smarag system


War is, by its very nature, hard to contain. It is not neat, nor is it quiet… Fallout was inevitable.

This thought did little to comfort the Loyalist Commander overseeing this region of space. No sooner had they thwarted the Traitor’s plans in Beatha’sa, had his Astropaths began to receive distress signals from the neighbouring system of Tirna Smarag. They trickled in at first; a little civil unrest here, some raiding there. He listened, considered and ultimately ignored them. Had he the fresh eyes and bushy tail of a new recruit, he might have responded to them immediately. But they had problems here too, and he had – perhaps wrongly – assumed that the local planetary defence forces would eventually waken up and quell these minor issues. Beatha’sa was still a war zone. Not an active one granted, but still one that required most of his resources. They had wounded to attend to, machine spirits to placate, populations without homes, decimated agriculture, arcane artefacts to catalogue – their bearers to cleanse – and foul warpspawn creatures to eradicate. Not one of his men would have blamed him for the decision he made. But for the years that came, he would rue this mistake each night as he closed his eyes.

As the weeks rolled on and the loyalists managed to get more and more of Beatha’sa back under control, the influx of distress signals from Tirna Smarag built to a crescendo. At its peak there were dozens every hour, small pockets of uprisings, hive city officials asking for supplies, army commanders requesting reinforcement, the list went on. Such was the strain placed upon them, each passing hour caused more and more of his Astropaths to haemorrhage, pass out or be otherwise rendered inoperable.  Then nothing. Total silence. It was about then, during the eerie absence of any communique, that the Commander realised his mistake. There was no time for pity or self flagellation, the Commander mobilised all forces from Beatha’sa and issued new orders. Not a single marine was to be left behind. He was going to bring the entire might of the Emperor’s wrath down. Cleansing the Traitors from, not only the system of Tirna Smarag, but the entire Alban Sector once and for all. 

A small contingent of Raven Guard and a host of White Scars lead the fleet. They spread themselves thinly and moved quickly, taking little more than inter system attack craft crewed by a handful of marines each. They would be the Commander’s eyes and ears. He was not going to enter the system blind, nor did he intend to take any prisoners. 

As the reports began to filter back to his remaining Astropaths, it dawned on him all too late that this was not the simple mission he had intended it to be. Tirna Smarag was not in the grasp of some piratical raid. This wasn’t collateral damage caused by the fleeing Traitors. The forces of the Warmaster had entrenched themselves in the system long before their defeat in Beatha’sa. The Commander, usually a man of logic and reason, flew into a berserk rage. Blinded by his own hubris, he had failed to see the signs that were all so obvious now. 

The Traitors had decimated them in their first encounter, truly ground his forces into the dirt, right before the tides appeared to turn and Knocc had seen the Loyalists gain ground. A fiendish ploy by the Alpha Legion no doubt – allowing those true to the Emperor pyrrhic victory after pyrrhic victory, goading them into – if not a false sense of security – at least a sense of pride that the war was finally going their way. It kept his forces busy, while the bulk of the Traitor Legions worked elsewhere. Tirna Smarag was the real target.

Once he’d calmed himself, and taken a moment or so to compile his thoughts, he called his Junior Officers onto the bridge. He had decided, and though there were arguments on the matter, that he was not fit to lead. He would be stepping down as Commander of the sector, the weight of this failure not one he could bare alongside that of his other responsibilities. One of them would need to step up and he would seek vengeance on the battlefield.


What followed was not a handful of skirmishes between two migratory forces, nor was it contained to a single planet. What followed was a bloody, protracted campaign between two heavily entrenched forces. The loyalists in Beatha’sa, and the Traitors in Tirna Smarag. Throughout the campaign the leaders of both factions would have to make decisions, tactically sound or ill-informed gambits, deploying their forces where the strength of each commander could be utilised to the detriment of their opponent. The battles would determine which resource was controlled by which faction, which worlds ultimately belonged to whom and who many – if any – civilians survived the encounter. Needless to say that the campaign that followed would shape not only the fate of Tirna Smarag, but indeed the fate of the Alban Sector.


Loyalists complete victory at Fia’clan and majority win at Korre’gin

A righteous victory for the loyalists

Beatha'sath Events Lore

The Knocc Cataclysm


Where Druimm provided the food for the sector and B’einn the industry, on the face of it Knocc didn’t seem to offer a huge amount despite the large size of the planet. Knocc was never deemed to be a high priority world, it did not contain any valuable ores and the land was considered to offer little forage or suitability for farming. As such it was mostly left alone, undisturbed and unexplored.

Nevertheless, some people chose to make the planet home and with a small population spread all over the surface this world has been sparsely defended, the population left to their own devices, mostly ignored by the war. This was the primary reason why the traitors had chosen it as their rendezvous point, to regroup and get the war effort back on track.

Above Knocc the Traitor fleet dropped out of warp to rally. The Loyalist forces had won a pyrrhic victory and held on to Druimm and its people. The Traitors fumed, this had cost them supplies and soldiers far beyond the anticipated levels. Retribution would be at hand as soon as reinforcements were drawn in from B’einn and beyond, the Warmaster was not going to let this part of space fall from his grip. Shuttle transports began slowly moving between the Traitor vessels, carrying crew, supplies and repair parts. 

Unexpectedly, contacts appeared on the sensors of the traitor ships that indicated imminent warp arrival. 

The Loyalist fleet had given chase. 

The Traitor fleet had not accounted for the fury of the Loyalist commanders or that they would follow them to this part of space. Red alert was issued across the traitor fleet.

Vessels began breaching real space, at first just one at a time with a bright flash from the warp translation and immediately these ships began gunning across space firing warheads as soon as their Gellar fields dropped. The tide grew stronger and the gaps between each arrival was shorter. Dozens of ships exploded early in this engagement as both sides vented their fury at one another. “Steel Fury” was destroyed by boarding action, the terminator troops of the Imperial Fists teleporting out at the last second. In return the “Terran Might” was destroyed by tech heresy spread by the Magos of the “James”. Each individual loss would go unrecorded in history but would felt across the entire Imperium as the war continued unabated.

Breaking free from the conflict, one of the Warmasters vessels, the ‘Celestial Truth’, took a calculated risk. Driving low in to the outermost layers of the atmosphere the Slaugher class cruiser attempted to use the gravity of Knocc to allow for an accelerated broadside on the Loyalist supply ships that were kept in reserve. The strain proved too much for the vessel, having taken substantial damage in this skirmish. Power was lost across the entirely of the “Celestial Truth” and it painfully lurched in to the planet gravity and without any grace, was doomed. Ship serfs rushed in a desperate attempt to regain control while important fleet commanders realised the fate of the vessel and headed for the lifeboats. Pulled in by the gravity of Knocc, the ships protective heatplates initially held strong once the ship hit the atmosphere but even they could not withstand the angle of descent and were ripped from the hull of the vessel and with that, she began to break apart.  Within the hour, the “Celestial Truth” had crashed through a rocky outcrop and her remaining parts were spewed across the planet surface leaving a thousand kilometre long scar across the planets desert wasteland.

At first glance from those holed up on the planet surface bastions, it appeared to be a lucky miss – none of the planet’s key logistics were damaged. However, planetary wide systems began to record strange signals emitting from the crash site. Scout forces were deployed to that region and returned with samples of strange wargear, not seen before in sector records. Using high priority messaging means picts were sent to Tech Adepts across the sector and beyond in the hopes of identifying their origin. Ancient human tech in nature these items seemed to be weapon caches of some long lost people with a symbol of The Boney Prince.

Orders came in from the Loyalist fleet, planetfall was to be made by all available ground forces, there was to be a defensive cordon made around that crash site before troops were sent inside to reclaim any relics.

Alpha Legion operatives intercepted these broadcasts and with a reborn cause,  the Warmaster’s forces struck an immediate assault of their own. Whatever lay below Knocc was to be claimed for the greater war efforts and finish this conflict once and for all. 

The battle in space continued but the fury lessened as the two fleets began to withdraw and protect their vessels, disgorging their troop transports under heavy escort towards the planet surface. On the outskirts of combat range they remained ready to react to any movement from the other side.


Loyalist Victory. AI Located on planet destroyed at the cost of the planet itself.

The loss of the AI was neccessary but the loyalists held true

End Lore

++Beatha’sath Conflict Report Ctd – 3/10++

++Known Casualties++

++Assailants List++

++Alpharius – KIA – Unconfirmed++

++Astartes – Estimated at 2,000 Dead++

++Human Elements – Estimated at 5,000 Dead++

++Unknown Entities – Presence Unconfirmed No Bodies Found++

The readout flickers as each line is presented, the text runs across the screen too slowly. The power the communications unit is draining is  precious and was very much required in other parts of the defensive perimeters. However this work was needed, the outcome of the system has to be documented and the fates of these lost souls recorded. These were only estimates at best, the planet tore itself apart and records were extrapolated from satellite picts from before and after the planet was lost. 

Scribbling noises followed by a loud echoing sigh fills the dark, empty chamber. Malcador the Sigilite looks at the screen intently, the soft green light illuminates his ancient face. This is now the 32nd time he has seen that name since Horus turned on his father and upon recovery of the corpse it is never the Alpha Legion Primarch. He muses that one day perhaps Alpharius may be slain and maybe his body would go unrecovered but despite all that had happened in these dark days, a guilty part of Malcador hoped that the reports would always be wrong and he would see the twin one last time before the end. 

Another message appears on the screen. 

++Other – Security Clearance Magenta 54++

++Login Required++

Malcador could feel his interest peak. What was a monotonous job has become more interesting. It was rare that extra clearance would be required for a system such as Beatha’sath. Indeed only a handful of people on Terra would ever be able to see such documentation with this required clearance level. He keys his access code and the system drains even more power from this vicinity, the already dim light in the room begin to flicker as the system thirsted for more power. The room becomes pitch black except for that same green glow from the monitor. 

++Access Granted++

++Schematics 1.STL++

++Schematics 2.STL++

++Schematics 3.STL++

More and more fill the screen. All the way up to 25. But there was more than that, a couple of documents appear on the screen below the Schematic lists but before Malcador can take the titles in, the screen changes Did he see a message “To the Bearer of the Imperium”? Surely only one who has access to the Imperial codes could have sent this. Furious attempts to bend this simple system to his will ends in frustration. All that remains is the following message.

++ERROR Unable to display. ERROR++

Malcador checks that he has keyed his code correctly but the screen never returns to the same list, time and time again he tries. This could only mean one thing. He had seen something that no one else was permitted or meant to see. The Emperor was watching now.

Still, Malcador has more time than Him as of late and so he looks to piece together clues to this mystery. First he begins by moving troops around the sectors that neighbour Beatha’sath – just a few fleet vessels here and there, ones that won’t be noticed. Orders fly across the screen as the old man gets to work. “Let’s begin with Tirna Smarag”

Beatha'sath Events Lore

The Clearances of Druimm

Held 24/25th November 2018 at Common Ground Games, Stirling


According to cleared imperial records, the planet Druimm was the third and final world to be colonized in the Beatha’sath sector; a decision made more out of necessity than choice, completed not long before they re-joined the Imperium during the Great Crusade. As the populations of both B’einn and Knocc rose exponentially, space and food became a premium. If the sector was to survive they would have to succeed where their predecessors failed. Historical accords show that there were two previous attempts at colonizing the planet, once upon their arrival in the system all those millennia ago and another just before they were separated from the Imperium of man at the Age of Strife. The reasons for these failures are not documented locally, undoubtedly lost in the bureaucracy that is the administratum or sealed due to critical information. Remembrancer records show this does not stop the people of Beatha’Sath from regaling in legends of their own, the vocal means of sharing history being very important to the people. Tales of unpredictably catastrophic weather, inhospitable terrain and supernatural terrors are not uncommon, though the latter is never spoken of above a whisper, unless the speaker is under heavy synthol inebriation.

For unknown reasons, the third expedition succeeded where the others had failed, all that is known is that a lot of resources were poured in to making sure the colonization was successful, nearly enough to destroy the entire system. The first phase of this colonization was the construction of a space station above the planet. An Suil’acroch would serve two functions; its teleporter matrix was a more reliable method of collecting and redistributing food from the – soon to be – agriworld, and its weapon platforms would serve as a deterrent to any would be raiders. The people of Beatha’Sath opted for this geostationary station in place of a more conventional ground based starport due to the topography of the planet, its rolling hills, jagged mountains and soggy marshland not lending well to hosting large buildings. After decades of work – and countless lives spent – the planet and it’s station were ready for the transformation from hostile wilderness to productive agriworld. The planet’s population live and work in large domed buildings, locally designated as ‘Brochs’, rarely venturing outside and only doing so when absolutely necessary as the planets climate is not kind to most forms of life. The planet’s main export are Caora, unique and highly aggressive fauna, who’s body can be rendered down into a number of usable resources and luckily for those in the system, hardy creatures that can withstand the conditions on the planet.

Once news came to the system that the heresy had begun, the system planets, bar Druimm, were pushed towards manufacturing equipment for the war effort. Druimm, being the only Agriworld in the system, was still tasked with producing enough food to keep the labor forces operating at peak efficiency and building up emergency supplies for the populace.

As the loyalist forces began to limp back from their defeat on Beinn, the Planetary Governor Boudeka, knowing that they – and their station – were just as likely to be the next target as Knocc, ordered the world go into “Taigh’dhubh” – a state of planetary shutdown which means the livestock and equipment are to be rounded up and the population are ordered to fall back to their Broch; much like they would in the face of an oncoming storm. There, in the safety of their armored compounds, they had the best chance of outlasting the enemy.

Now the loyalists have set up a number of perimeters, both on and off world. Hoping that their effort might delay the traitors long enough for reinforcements to arrive.  


Loyalists held An Suil’acroch (orbital platform). Traitors took planet Druimm

The planet fell to the traitors but the space station stayed true

Beatha'sath Events Lore

The Desecration of Beatha’sath

Held 26/27th May 2018 at Common Ground Games, Stirling

Intro Lore

On the Northernmost edge of known Imperial territory lies a sector with a vast and colourful history of conquest and reclamation. The people of Beatha’sath have seen war like few other humans in the Emperor’s domain.

Although most of the historical data is missing, or indeed forbidden to all but the highest levels of clearance, all that is known is that the 1314th Explorator fleet set sail from Terra during ‘The Stellar Exodus’ in high spirits, the human cargo having long harboured grudges at losing both their previous tribal autonomy and at being rolled into the bigger conglomeration that the Terran authority brought. The human colonists were particularly glad to be rid of the Sasainn, having never seen eye to eye with their erstwhile neighbours due to centuries of unrest and civil war between the two groups. The volunteers believed that by escaping from Terra they could live a freer life, even with the hardships that would go with this new challenge and responsibility. 

From the other scraps of information that remain, it is unlikely that many on Terra missed these people or had any form of melancholy as the volunteers boarded their vessels and began their exploration of the stars. The crew that made up the 1314th fleet were described as ‘drunkards’, “intoxicated”, ‘prone to aggressive behaviour’ and blessed with ‘a dialect that only the best crypto-remembrancer in the galaxy could decipher’ in their pre-flight medical reports, though none were failed as unfit to travel – suggesting that perhaps they were allowed on board regardless of condition.

The number of Imperial seals and wards marked with the Biologis department suggests that the path that the people, who would later become known as the Beatha’sathan’s, took was an arduous one. Several heavily redacted records imply not only that they made contact with several xenos races but also that the Beatha’sathan’s were prone to infighting over dogged doctrines and disagreements. One particular report marks their contact with a space faring animal species called the Kilpees, these beasts appeared to have left an impression on the colonists as they later adopted these beings in to their folklore and coat of arms. 

Regardless of their internal struggles, the fleet soon arrived in Beatha’sath, finding the system to be rich in mountainous planets, each teeming with valuable resources. Having travelled through countless barren systems, the decision was made to colonise the hospitable planets, starting with B’einn, followed by Knocc and finally Druimm.

Records suffering from the protection of the highest Imperial remit, point to there having been at least two succession attempts executed by those on the fringe of the newly formed society and supported by those who sought to become an independent state. These rebellions were crushed but at a cost for the survivors who found friends and family permanently lost or excommunicated. One report speaks of a brigand known as “Valice”, who inspired an entire army division to declare Freedom for the region. This rebellion was short lived however as he was betrayed by his second in command who turned him over to the Sector Overseer where he was unceremoniously executed for treason.

For five thousand years the people of Beatha’sath prospered, expanding across the planets in their domain, suffering little from the predations of Old Night. Indeed, expert geologists within the Imperium speculated that something in the rocks may have kept the colonists safe from the dangers that threatened other humans and even species such as [REDACTED] did not invade this system.

The Primarch of the 1 Legiones Astartes, Lion El’Jonson, discovered Beatha’sath during the latter stages of the Great Crusade, having stopped for fleet repairs during the [REDACTED] campaign. He found the people still as argumentative and cautious as ever but they were reported to have given the Primarch a warm reception after the Beatha’sath people heard the announcement that Terra had been re-conquered and their old enemies, the Sasainn had not only suffered gravely but were now wholly destroyed. Ancient bottles, preserved in stasis since the exodus from Terra were opened and consumed to toast the news. The I Legion Primarch was said to have remarked that the liquid was particularly golden in colour, surpassing even those spirits he had sampled from the vaults on Terra that were usually reserved for Malcador’s most favoured guests.

After days of deliberation, debate and concessions, Beatha’sath voted unanimously to re-join the Imperium. Never late with their tithes, the people flourished within the comfort of the Imperium. Beatha’sath had found its niche within the Great Crusade and turned their vast mineral repositories in to useful chemicals and products to help push the forces of the Emperor ever onward.

Less than a decade after the I Legion fleet left the system, Horus’ rebellion set the galaxy aflame and war approached Beatha’sath. Routed forces that are loyal to Terra have begun drifting in to the sector seeking resupply while Traitor fleets snap at their heels, keen to press home their advantage and win a total victory in the Northern Imperium.

Fiercely loyal to the Emperor, the sector shipyards and munition factories had gone into overdrive to provide repairs and aid the Imperial war effort before the Traitor forces invade.


The Traitors pushed the Loyalist forces back from the planet

The Traitor push on B'einn
Events Lore Tirna Smarag

The Tirna Smarag system

This campaign began with the Death Throes of Tirna Smarag, which led to fighting over Fai’clan and Korre’gin.

Tirna Smarag is a system filled with planets circling the star, Bru.

More information will be publshed on these but for now a basic summary.

Bru – The star, approximately burning at 8,000 kelvin, has remained in a consistent state over the millennia.

Knaiv – a burnt out world of clay and dust

Krea’can – a lava world with small forge world

Biilan (Chenga moon) – a gaseous world with rocky moon

Gardgen – a metallic surface with a plethora of mining

Kasaan (Gluiin moon) – a rocky world with ancient tombs, the moon is molten

Cuirp’Bryste – a dead hollow rock with mineral deposits

Guiilen – the main population of the sector are based here, a rich agri world

Bondool – a recruiting world for the Imperium and a naval school

Avych – a planet with deep oceans and high mountainous peaks 

Korre’gin (Fia’clan moon) – a promethium resource with a water filled moon.

Outcome – Loyalist victory


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